1. Part I combines songs and narration and sets the stage for the
Muse Aoede to travel to the magical kingdom of Wonderhaven in
search of LOVE...
    Make It Up As You Go
    2-3. Aoede the Muse searches for LOVE in the Wonderhaven Mythical
    Zoo and meets Morpheus! Aoede and Morpheus sing "Make It Up As
    You Go."
  Little Things
4-5. Aoede the Muse searches for LOVE in the Wonderhaven
Enchanted Garden and meets Binkle the Garden Gnome! Aoede and
Binkle sing "Little Things".
    Neapolitan Day 
    6-7. Aoede the Muse has a craving and meets a space man ice cream
    vendor: Albert Reigel Kuiper 3-2-1! Aoede and Albert sing "Neapolitan
  Reason To Smile
8.-9. Aoede the Muse takes a break from searching for love and finds Wonderhaven's Curious Carnival where she meets Mr. Wonderful.
Aoede and Mr. Wonderful sing "Reason to Smile."
    10-11. Aoede the Muse steps onto the Bridge to Nowhere, meets
    Amala her Fairy Godmother, falls off, wakes in a graveyard and sings
    "Skeletons" with her ghost skeletons.
  Perfect Day
12.-14. Aoede the Muse's search for love has turned her world upside
down; she leaves graveyard and goes to Wonderhaven Wonderpark.
Aoede sings Days Like This, Perfect Day.
    What You Got
    15-16. Aoede the Muse reunites with Amala, her Fairy Godmother,
    and all the characters from her journey. Aoede and Amala sing
    "If You Already Knew"; everyone sings "What You Got".

Fairy Tale Love, Love Proof-Pt. II
Part II. Is LOVE A Fairy Tale? Our narrator finishes the tale with
some final thoughts, and Aoede sings Part II of "Fairy Tale Love"
and "Love Proof."
    Aoede's "Fairy Tale Love" music video (April 2012) as featured on
    Is Love A Fairy Tale?
(Sep 2012) & Skeletons of the Muse (Apr 2012)
    One part Disney, two parts fractured fairy tale!