s Love A Fairy Tale?
is Aoede's first award-winning musical story. It plays like an audiobook, complete with narration, dialogue and catchy songs.  It tells the story of Aoede the Muse who searches for love in a magical Kingdom called and meets colorful characters along the way, who each tell her something about Love. It features songs from Aoede’s April 2012 release Skeletons of the Muse, along with four new original tracks, theatrical duets between Aoede and the characters. Love is an ongoing theme that permeates Aoede’s songs. As evident by the CD cover, it is the heart of Is Love A Fairy Tale? 

All of Aoede’s fantasy musicals center around the adventures of the protagonist Aoede the Muse in the magical Kingdom of Wonderhaven and it’s surrounding areas. To glimpse these enchanted worlds, click the WONDERHAVEN WORLDS map below. In Is Love A Fairy Tale?, Aoede visits Wonderhaven destinations such as the Mythical Zoo, Enchanted Gardens and Curious Carnival (center of the map). The map includes locations from other Aoede musical stories to tie together all of Aoede's worlds, including What Are Dreams Made Of? (2013) and Do You Believe in Magic? (2015).

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Aoede wrote the script and songs for Is Love A Fairy Tale?, but the concept and story are a collaboration with her producer Scrote. Aoede states, “I wanted to make a children’s album geared at young adults and tweens. There seem to be a lot of children’s albums that target really young children, but not young adults. So many parents, when hearing Skeletons of the Muse, have remarked that their own kids that age and even younger really enjoy my voice and songs.” The album also features known voice actors who make the narration and cast of characters, Morpheus, Binkle, Albert, Mr. Wonderful, Amala, and even Ghost Skeletons, come alive, and also sing with Aoede.

(mouseover name to view
character !)

         Morpheus (click to hear Morpheus)

         Binkle (click to hear Binkle) 

Albert (click to hear Albert)

        Mr. Wonderful
(click to hear Mr. Wonderful)

    Amala (click to hear Amala) 

       Ghost Skeletons
        (click to hear Ghost Skeletons)

      Aoede (click to hear Aoede)