"I can't get enough of it!! I was listening to it, once it arrived..I was running from the mailbox to the house just to play it. :) Its just that exciting and good.. I always remember it as a play that you'll see, except you get to listen and visualize it..which I do find it fun, more then listing to music. It sort of plays a tale in your mind almost like reading but with out having to hold or look at words."
Natosha Miller

"How fun! My daughter and I really enjoyed this cd. While not totally a music cd, nor an audio book, it's a nice mix of both. It flows well, intertwining music, narration and questions, taking you along in a story with a notion for what you are about to embark on. The sound effect and magnificent narration help you to visualize the story as it unfolds, meeting interesting characters along the way. Great for tweens and young adults ages 9-14 but I think all ages will enjoy the fun story."
Angela Addington

“After listening to this CD a few times the songs were stuck in my head. The songs/stories are so fun to listen to and I love how happy they make me feel. My favorite song is Make It Up As You Go.”
Joana Arteaga

“While listening to this musical story, I am taken back to my childhood. “Is Love A Fairy Tale?” is so much fun to listen to. It features naration and storyline along with music you can sing along with weaving a story that your mind can enter into and escape reality. The Aoede's CDs are wonderful for kids with big imaginations, Harry Potter, and Lord of the Rings fans, and make bedtime stories fun. They can listen along like a story, close their eyes, and imagine the scenes. ♪♫ Very creative and fun for all ♪♫”
Angela Bowers

“the story itself is great for pre-teens and would make a wonderful gift for any girl.... Monkey is only 6, and a boy, but even he loved this CD and enjoyed the bits of the storyline that he understood. It was fun to be able to discuss the storyline with him afterwards! ... a great Holiday gift for a pre-teen or teen this season!"
Jessica Compton

“Honestly, I had no clue what to expect when I put the CD in to play. It didn't take long for me to realize that this was going to be an experience remembered for a long time to come. Is Love A Fairy Tale is a unique blend of audio book mixed with song, never had I listened to something like this before. It didn't take long for my daughter to become engrossed in the sounds and story. My sons interests were piqued the second they heard the "froggy-ish" voice within the first few narrative parts. After that we were all glued to our seats, giggling along as Aeode continued her journey.” The best part of this, was that it opened up the difficult question about love. A topic that I was having a hard time approaching with my teens. After listening to the CD it became very easy to have a heart-to-heart conversation with my older kids.”
Danelle Johnson

"Very interesting and fun cd to listen to. Great for the listening pleasure of your children. I would say children around ages 6-10. The songs are fun to hear."
Tracee Bass

"This CD is so catchy and unique. The music is very fun and engaging and you will even think of it when it is not playing! I love all fairy tales, and greek mythology is really amazing to hear. The narration through out really brings the story in the music together and it is really a wonderful cd, when I had a few of my friends with kids over the kids were all loving this. My friends want to get this now for their kids too. They all enjoyed it so much! I highly recommend this cd if you love fairy tales that have music with it. You will really enjoy this along with your kids like I did!"
Sue Garrison

"My daughter is 11 and loves music and theater so this audio-book she found interesting. She liked the song Make It Up As You Go--we also enjoyed the story coming to life on the web site and watching the short videos... The story is very simple for children to understand and it is easy to see why it's been rewarded so much... Putting this CD on during a long car ride would be enjoyable for the whole family. We rate it ***** of 5." Pamela Rote

"The CD has an upbeat tone. The chapters are short enough to capture a child's attention."
Stacie Wyatt

“If you enjoy visualizing scenes in your mind, you’ll have a blast with artist Lisa Sniderman’s music. “

"This CD came so beautifully wrapped and put together that I almost didn't want to unwrap it..." (click for video review!)
Dawn Wittenhagen